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Plastic Surgeons in Holland, Michigan
Deciding to get plastic surgery is a major decision. It's not something you just decide overnight.

Not only must you find a plastic surgeon who you trust, you must also find a plastic surgeon whose methods you are comfortable with.

We have listed all the cities in Holland below which have a plastic surgeon in our directory as well as a few recommended books which you might find useful before making your final decision.

The most important thing about choosing a plastic surgeon is being educated about the procedure you're looking to get!
Plastic surgeons in Holland
Below are the plastic surgeons in the Holland area of Michigan and their contact information.

Advanced Laser Cosmetics
 120 Waukazoo Dr
 Holland, Michigan 49424-2556
 Phone: (616) 399-9680

William D Doebler MD
 533 Michigan Ave # 100
 Holland, Michigan 49423-4700
 Phone: (616) 396-2463

Mark N Folkening MD
 3299 N Wellness Dr # 150
 Holland, Michigan 49424-7270
 Phone: (616) 786-0180

Holland Skin & Vein Ctr
 29 W 8th St # 240
 Holland, Michigan 49423-3156
 Phone: (616) 396-1433

Lakeshore Surgical Assoc
 577 Michigan Ave # 202
 Holland, Michigan 49423-4911
 Phone: (616) 394-0673

Renaissance Laser Cosmetic
 3299 N Wellness Dr # 150
 Holland, Michigan 49424-7270
 Phone: (616) 772-4129

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Plastic Surgery Information
There are a wide variety of plastic surgery procedures. From breast augmentation to botox injections. Make sure you are educated about the procedure you're interested in before taking the final step and going forward with the procedure.
Recommended Product
When getting plastic sugery, the most important tool is knowledge. Educating yourself on the procedure can prevent making any mistakes!
Handbook of Plastic Surgery
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